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About Us

We specialize in Web Design for Small and Medium Businesses. We build self-managed sites on top of WordPress and we also deploy custom solutions.  Let our expert team take your brand to the next level – starting with a kick-ass web presence.


    Building a website is an art. Our goal is to create a memorable experience for your customers by understanding their needs and giving them what they want.  Essential web elements include clean lines, a solid layout, lightening-fast speed, intuitive functionality, responsive design, valuable content and compelling imagery.


    We’ll help you hone in on your brand identity and make sure it’s represented through all of your channels and customer communications to help you build a brand people can trust.


    Great, you have a website, now what? If your site isn’t listed on search engine results pages (SERPs) how will your customers find you? We can optimize your site for search engines and devise a strategic plan to help your site gain traffic both organically and via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.


    Content is king. If you are not creating content and publishing it on a regular basis, you are missing the boat.

    We can help you understand the types of content your customers want, audit, organize and update the content you have, and create fresh, compelling content your customers will find valuable. We can also help you devise a strategic plan for creating and distributing your content on your site, social media channels and on the web.


    Everything you do online can be measured. We will help you install tools to track your key metrics.


    If you have a specific action you want your customer to take, never underestimate the power of a good landing page. Let us help you create custom, action oriented landing pages to get the results you want.


Communication and Collaboration are key to the success of any project – including yours!

We would LOVE to work with you. Don’t be shy, give us a shout.



SUPER POWERS: Business Solutions, Information Architecture, Full-stack App & Mobile Development, Business Strategy, Ecommerce

Zack is flat-out brilliant. He’s one of those super-geeky techie types. You know, the type that gets giddy over the latest cloud container technology or obsesses over systems until he’s devised the ultimate hack.

We like to think of him as our little mad scientist. Zack is proficient in all types of programming languages & tech infrastructure. He also has a keen interest in business and knew he was an entrepreneur the very day he learned the word.

Right now, he focuses on complete-lifecycle product management, informed by previous rolls as CTO, UX/UI Designer, lead architect & developer. A natural born leader, Zack is the person behind our people.



SUPER POWERS: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, Interface Design, Photo & Video Production

Some people just have a natural eye for beauty. That’s Christian.

He’s our design guru extraordinaire. He’s insanely organized, methodical and pixel-perfect when it comes to his design work.

Christian is also a branding expert who understands that ‘branding’ goes beyond logo design. His designs are such that they beg exploration and engagement.

If that weren’t awesome enough, he is also experienced in video production and is a talented photographer. Christian’s past career endeavors boast the title of Creative Director for a large beauty brand out of Dallas, Texas.



SUPER POWERS: BI Analyst, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting

Not everyone can make sense of raw data. It takes part genius and part perfectionist - and that’s all Solomon.

Sol‘s renowned work with industry giants Hewlett-Packard, IBM and his own consulting company has helped him bring new insight into business intelligence. Solomon’s talent to distill high volumes of information to drive real-world results makes him our favorite expert analyst. As a leading authority he often has an answer before you can ask the question.

This predictive quality and humble charm make this brainy guy a no-brainer when seeking business insights.



SUPER POWERS: Content Development, Web Marketing, Social Media, Community Management, Photography

Andre is a knowledge monster. He’s addicted to learning, experimenting, and executing new skills in creative ways just to see the outcome; he tends to get his fingers into everything.

As a former editor and community manager, Andre is naturally in tuned with the needs of others. A good chunk of his time is spent developing content that is both meaningful to the brand and the consumer. This makes him good with words and even better at conveying them. He’s our go-to-guy when adding an extra "pop" to a project.

Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Andre spends lots (and lots) of time taking pictures as a mobile photographer.



SUPER POWERS: UX Design, Problem Solving, Business Development, Information Architecture, Customer Discovery

Miles is passionate when it comes to user experience and design. He is a whiz at designing intrinsically social user experiences that reach audiences on a personal level.

Maybe it’s his knowledge of best practices or tried-and-true business models that makes Miles a master UX guy. Or maybe it’s because he’s really into the study of human behavior, ethnography and social sciences.

We think it’s both! Miles is also a very likeable and funny fellow.



SUPER POWERS: Online Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce, WordPress Development

Aside from being a self-proclaimed Corgi fanatic, Jessica is a marketing dynamo. Her background includes over 11 years in the areas of e-commerce, online marketing and social media marketing.

She understands the power of writing good copy and how it connects with people on the web.

Jessica obsessively reads and watches everything she can get her hands on about copywriting, marketing and social media to keep her skills sharp and to stay on top of current trends.

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